Parent Engagement Program

The first role model for a child is, after all, the parent. Since we have such multi-talented parents, it would be a great opportunity for

My Kindness Wand Project

My Kindness Wand project, our community charity project, was established with the purpose of educating our young ones the importance of helping out in our

Annual Concert

Held every year end, the annual concert is an event that celebrates the achievements of every child and provides an avenue for them to showcase

Annual Family Day

Parents will get to take part in team building activities through sporting events on Family Day. The objective of this event is to impart a

Monthly Nature Classroom

We commit to build a community of environmental citizens through the study of conservation, exploration and outdoor recreational experiences. We want our children to understandhow

Monthly Excursions

Children make connections from what they learn in the preschool, to the outside world when they go on field trips. Concepts are more memorable when