What Our Parents Say

We help children to engage their bodies and minds through fun and educational activities.

My many thanks to everyone at Daughters And Sons Centre who took my failing, insecure child and helped him flourish. His success is your success. The school truly embraces the entire child academically and socially. My son has been so lucky to have such a supportive environment.

The warm, nurturing and academic environment has transformed our son into an avid and successful learner. The school has exceeded our expectations in developing the whole child.

There are no words to thank you for all that you have done for Farrel. He came to Daughters And Sons Centre with bruised confidence and challenges that had not been supported in an effective way. He leaves you (after only two years) a confident, independent learner, and a happy young man. The successes that you nurtured in your special way will stay with him for a lifetime.
Parents of Farrel
Daughters and Sons Centre is a great school for young children. The school provides a kind and nurturing environment, and the teachers have demonstrated great care for each child. My children love going to school because there is a good range to develop their interests - the excursions, performing arts activities, and even studying! I am grateful to Daughters and Sons Centre for shaping my children to be strong and confident!

To the graduating class of year 2020 - Congratulations! You are at the end of your kindergarten journey, but it is also the beginning of something greater. Good luck in the next stage of your lives, and cherish all the sweet memories of your time here.
Parents of Mireille Chan
I’ve been a parent at this school for 5 years, and I’m feeling a little wistful that my youngest child is graduating from Daughters & Sons soon.

Bina and her team of dedicated teachers have been an integral part of both my children’s early childhood education. Their specially curated syllabus and enrichment activities; caring teachers and super hands-on principal; the interesting monthly excursions pre-COVID – these are what I feel makes this school so special.

As 2020 is also a very extraordinary year, I would like to thank the team of teachers who have all adapted to online teaching with so much gusto, ensuring that the children continued learning while stuck at home.

To Megan and her group of friends who are graduating on this very special year, I’d like to say: You have all proven you can adapt to changes very well, lockdown and all. May all of you take these wings and fly!
Parents of Megan Lim
Our son Matthew has improved by leaps and bounds during his stint of three years here in Daughters & Sons. He has learning difficulties but the small learning group in an inclusive setting, really helped him, not only with his learning but also with his social interaction with other peers in school. Besides, all the teachers are very kind, caring and patient. They have helped to nurture Matthew and guide him despite his quirks and challenges. We highly recommend Daughters and Sons to all parents especially for children with learning difficulties.

After thoughtful consideration, we decided to enrol our daughter Michelle to Daughters and Sons as well. It was the best decision we made for her learning journey. Here, Michelle bloomed in her confidence as well as her love for learning. She enjoyed the many hands-on activities, games and educational outings. Learning has always been done in a fun approach and our daughter has gained so much. She thoroughly enjoyed school and always looked forward to each school day. We are thankful to the school for making her last year of kindergarten such an amazing one!
Parents of Matthew & Michelle Beh
As a parent, there is nothing better than knowing your child is in good and safe hands. This centre has a team of professional teachers who are full of love, care and creativeness. They respect each child’s uniqueness and let everyone shine!! They always maintained a good & clean learning atmosphere. My son Aiden enjoy his school time, under the support and guidance of his teachers, he had blossomed into a bright and lively boy who often speaks fondly about his learning, teachers and friends whenever he comes home.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers from Daughters and Sons centre for crafting a good memorable learning journey for my son. I will strongly recommend this centre for future parents who plan to send their kids for preschool / kindy years.
Parents of Aiden Pui
My son, Ayden was the first batch in Daughters & Sons Centre at KL branch. He was merely 3 years old at that time. However, he did not fail us on his first day, and neither did DASKL in ensuring us on his wellbeing. Every day, he shows excitement and looks forward for school. He sailed smoothly for the next 3 years with the courage, passion and patience of the teachers in DASKL.

3 years is a gift to us as parents and also to Ayden. He loves spending time with friends and teachers who were dedicated not just on academics but also in ensuring positive behaviour. We are very thankful to the teachers of DASKL on how they have guided and coached Ayden to become whom he is today, a confident and friendly boy.
Parents of Ayden Ng
Heng Rui has enjoyed her time in Daughters & Sons (D&S) and has learned a lot while making tons of friends. Her journey in school was indeed a memorable one. The excursion activities were fun and fruitful and not just confined to classroom studies. As parents, we appreciate the “Bridging Program” that has helped Heng Rui to catch up on her academics. We also appreciate the time and effort given by the teachers, in teaching, organizing excursion activities, arranging school rehearsals, and etc.

The annual school concerts were amazing and it was an event that our family looks forward to each year. Sadly, this year is impacted by Covid-19 pandemic and the event would not be held as previously for Heng Rui. However, DAS Centre kept a promise to make it memorable for our daughter. Heng Rui will surely miss all the fun that she had at school. Thank you to all the teachers and hopefully, she will cross paths again with both her friends and teachers in future!
Parents of Khoo Heng Rui
My son, Carson has been in Daughters and Sons Centre for the past 5 years. He has shown improvement in language, attitude and public speaking. Carson had a wonderful time during his preschool stage. He gained experience in the various activities and excursions held in DAS.

Thank you to all the teachers in DAS KL Trillion. Thank you for being friendly, lovely and caring towards my boy. Even during this pandemic period, teachers never failed to provide lessons and activities to ensure the students gain knowledge every day. So to parents who wants to see a positive change in your child and feel secure that your child is in safe hands, DAS is the place for you.

Double like!!!
Double thumbs up!!!
Parents of Carson Quah
Xin En has been in DAS since she was 2.5 years old, from a crying toddler to a cheerful girl now, it has been a wonderful and enriching school experience for her! We would like to thank the school & the caring teachers for their guidance over the years.

We are fond of the school program which is structured in a way which covers all areas of development from academics, self-discipline, problem solving, creative thinking, social skills, etc. Xin En had fun and happy learning at DAS. We also appreciate the efforts taken by the school to provide online classes during this tough period in order to complete the syllabus and ensuring that the kids are not lacking academically while they are at home.

Besides that, there were several school excursions carried out throughout the years where the kids were exposed and explored outdoor learning. Xin En always shared with us her experience of travelling by van or bus with her friends and exploring different places excitedly. She joyfully tells us the activities she participated during the school trips and showed us the goody bag or stuffs that she sometimes get from the trips.

The experience in DAS has formed a solid foundation for Xin En to be a confident and creative child!
Parents of Chua Xin En
Like any parent, we initially felt uneasy and insecure to leave our child in a new environment under someone else’s care. However, the school had made us feel completely comfortable by answering and handling our various questions and concerns patiently.

The teachers always find creative ways to teach the children. We find that besides just improving significantly in academic performance, the project-based learning classes have also helped our child to increase general knowledge. We were truly amazed when we heard from our child the PBL topics that were learned from the school. Despite being an indoor school, the teachers constantly came up with fun and interesting activities for the children. Our child often shared with us excitedly about the activities at school. They also participated in the many excursions organized by the school, which had been a wonderful and enriching experience for our child.

Throughout these 3.5 years at Daughters and Sons Centre, we could see the amazing growth and development in our child. The school has made our child’s preschool years very remarkable by creating a healthy environment for young minds to grow. We can’t thank the teachers enough for their great effort, tireless dedication and selfless commitment. Thank you for providing so many practical skills to the children and fostering them to grow intellectually and emotionally.
Parents of Lim Tze Yu
We are fortunate and extremely thankful that our son, Vihaan has been part of D&S since 2017. Vihaan is a happy & smart child now because of the time he invested in D&S.

D&S has enticing classroom setup and age-appropriate equipments & arrangements. We were invariably impressed with the dedication, creativity & patience the teachers put into their classroom and various teaching methodologies. They took sincere efforts to understand the potential of each child in depth and allowed them to shine in their own ways.

All the teachers closely interact with the kids through various activity like art, music, dance and sensory. Every end of the term, he brought back the various artwork and numerous worksheets he completed independently. All the excursions were a blissful experience for the kids. We thoroughly enjoyed all of the events held, such as My Kindness Wand events, Family & Sports day gatherings and certainly the year-end Graduation Celebrations as well.

Vihaan has transformed beyond our expectations and we will forever be grateful to all the teachers and principal from the bottom of our heart. Thank you for giving our family a rainbow of memories.

D&S has always exceeded our expectations and hence worth recommending to any parent who are exploring for good school and day-care option. Thank you for the amazing four years.
Parents of Y.Vihaan
When we choose a preschool for my eldest son due to my 2nd pregnancy, Daughters & Sons gave us the best feeling for a preschool program (I call it a mother’s intuition). We were not looking for a daycare center, but an early childhood education that our boy would embrace.

Our eldest attended Daughters & Sons since he was 1 year and 9 months. We still remember the adjustment phase (around 1 month) where there were many tears shed when starting. But teachers and staffs took time to assure us that the tears went away within the first 5-10 minutes of class and encouraged me to make surprise visits to see my children through the window. There had never been a concern that teachers can’t solved for our family. They always know what is the best for each child. Sure enough, my both children were always smiling and having fun with their peers. Daughters & Sons is the next best thing to a family member taking care of my children.

Academics wise, they challenge the children to learn the biggest of words in their curriculum and also bigger heart for everyone. Perhaps I underestimated the ability of a preschooler. A highlight of each year is the year end concert, where they put on a very touching singing performance, awards and speeches. Teachers in D&S really love each of their students, they spend as much time as they could to every child. Every child will never forget their peers and MAMIs in D&S.

We will take this opportunity to thank you all the teachers for creating such a wonderful environment for the children and as parents we cannot thank you enough for the love, care and support that all teachers shared with us.
Parents of Luccas Yap
We have been thrilled with my daughter, Bethany’s experiences in Daughters and Sons Centre. It has not only been a caring and peaceful environment for her, but in fact she has shown progress by leaps and bounds physically and mentally.
Parents of Bethany Cheung