Our Approach

We believe children learn best through real life experiences.

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Project-Based Learning

The project-based learning approach, or PBL, allows children to explore and investigate a topic or issue in-depth, through active engagement and real life examples. Children are encouraged to solve challenges and learn to collaborate with their peers. As such, positive learning habits will be instilled and skills can be further developed. Some of the skills that children develop through PBL include cognitive development, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, social skills, critical thinking, and creativity.

In addition to investigating a topic in depth through a fun and interactive manner, each project encompasses multiple disciplines such as reading, writing, art, and music. Children will be inculcated with the love of learning through exploration. They also get a boost in confidence levels through their abilities in problem solving and critical thinking.

Learning Outside The Classroom

Informal learning which takes place outside the classroom helps students understand topics extensively with greater relevance and motivation. Learning outside the classroom helps stimulate the brain, as children experience visual, auditory and bodily kinesthetic stimuli.

We often organise field trips that expose children to a multitude of experiences. Memories and lessons from field trips are etched to children’s minds. The impact of outdoor learning is so profound, that it opens children’s eyes to potential career prospects or teaches them about various cultures.


Sensory Integration Activities

These activities are aimed at stimulating sensory processing through physical activities. Sensory integration activities are essential for brain development. The activities engage the five senses; sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch, which create neural pathways that will help further learning as children grow.

All children at Daughters & Sons Centre will take part in sensory integration physical activities twice to thrice a week. Our facilities are equipped with flying fox, rock climbing, bolster swing, roller tunnel, target panel, and stepping stones, among others.

Language Development

At Daughters & Sons Cantre, our curriculum covers English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin language learning. We strive to enable children to read by the age of five, by inculcating the love for reading. We believe that the reading habit should be instilled from a tender age, as books play an important role in attaining knowledge, improving creative thinking, and expanding vocabulary.

In terms of honing speaking skills, children are encouraged to ask questions, present their work, or explain to their peers. Additionally, children are equipped with oratory skills through speech and drama classes. Public speaking skills can enhance children’s self-esteem and empower them with greater empathy and maturity in interactions.

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