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believe children learn best through real life experiences

This is driven by their innate curiosity and need to explore. Building on these traits, children are encouraged to learn by doing — adapting as they interact with their environment. Through age-appropriate project-based learning, children thrive and develop skills as they make sense and connections with the larger world.

Our Purposeful Crafted and High Quality Programs are implemented to make sure

there is NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND and to nurture happy, kind, confident, creative, independent, resilient and knowledgeable WELL ROUNDED CHILDREN.


over and look around.

The children at Daughters & Sons learn through fun and play in real world settings that provide a positive and active learning environment. They look forward to the field trips we plan, which have been proven to be effective learning platforms. The children are able to obtain hands-on experience and be actively involved as they engage with content through a variety of methods.


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kids. Just watch
what parents say.

None bigger than early education. Parents know that at Daughters & Sons Centre we make it our passion to nurture a sense of discovery.